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Latest from the Blog

Stephan Eyeson of Survey54 on Building Surveys for Emerging. Countries, Founding Team, and more

Stephan Eyeson was the final speaker of the night at the recently concluded B is for Building campfire event.

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Can Oju make a difference in Nigeria’s 2019 Elections

In emerging economies, elections can be messy affairs. Votes are miraculously ‘lost’, voters routinely intimidated, an inadequacy of polling stations, and trusted officials are rarer than albino elephants.

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BTNG presents B is for Building

It’s been a long time cooking. And now we’re delighted to present you what we’ve been working on for the last few months — our first event of the year — B is for Building.

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What 2019 Holds For Us

It was 5 days before Nigeria’s 2018 Independence Day and we were contemplating and pondering on the task we had set before us.

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