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Upcoming Event: BTNG Hackathon 2019

Following the success of BTNG Hackathon 2018, we are delighted to present BTNG Hackthon 2019!

Theme: Curbing the Effects of Brain-drain in Emerging Economies.

Brain-drain is a big issue with respect to the development of emerging economies. Skilled people are known to leave their countries of origin, looking for better paying wages and higher quality of living, often times this is to the detriment of the developing countries which require human capital to develop.

Focal Points:
Using Nigeria as a case-study, this hackathon will focus on four key areas: Finance, Health, Agriculture and Education. We have also raised some questions to be addressed:

1. Finance- How can we leverage remittance opportunities for development? Can we bridge the funding and investment gap by introducing viable, safe and trusted investment opportunities in Nigeria and other emerging economies to the UK using technology?

2. Health- In a pool by NOIPolls, over half of the 72,000 doctors registered with the Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria (MDCN) work in the diaspora. How can technology help make their skill relevant in Nigeria?

3. Education- How can diasporans in emerging economies facilitate education in their home countries using technology?

4. Agriculture- How can the diaspora help create more opportunities in this area?

Technology has been used to solve many problems in the world; can we use technology to curb the effects of brain-drain? We think we can!

We are looking to get design thinkers, developers, UI/UX pros, economists, business and political leaders, and enthusiasts to work together over 2 days and come up with practical solutions that address this modern-day problem.

Techies and non-techies – everyone is invited.

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