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"B is for Building" Speaker Series

We are thrilled - super thrilled - to kick off our 2019 run of events with our Campfire Speaker Series where we invite makers like yourself to talk about products they're building in a conversational setting.

Theme: B is for Building

Why this is for you
If you are a curious individual interested in how impactful tech products are built, especially those tailored towards Nigeria and emerging economies, then this event is for you. We are marking something in the calendar for makers, entrepreneurs, developers, designers, tech enthusiasts and so on to meet and learn from each other to aid in the building process.

Why do a campfire speaker series
Since the birth of BTNG, we have noticed that the challenges and problems encountered by our speakers are unique and cut at the intersection of various circles. It can be visualised as follows: An enterpreneur in diaspora building products inspired by or for the emerging economy market whilst juggling problems of market penetration, Addressable market, technical issues, and a other variety of issues.

It's not a sales pitch
Unlike many other types of makers events, we have an aversion to product sales pitch and we have structured this event in a way for people to learn from each other. That is learning from the speaker and the speaker learning from you.

What are you working on/What are you learning/What help do you need?
At our events, we encourage people to talk about what they are working or currently learning or what they need. Most of our attendees usually fall in those three camps. Either they are building something on the side or learning about concepts/tools/methods to help them build things on the side or need help in some way or form.

Do not feel pressured if you do not fall into those camps as most people did not start from there. But we hope this event and many more can inspire you to build things that will have an impact.

Where is the fire?
Tickets are free but limited. We are excited to host you on May 3rd.
If you would like to attend, please register your interest below.

Tickets for May 3rd

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From meeting like minded people and learning from the masters, to gaining useful feedback for your project, to finding a co-founder - anything is possible at our events.

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