About Us

BTNG is a community for Tech Enthusiasts in Diaspora with a focus on Entrepreneurship and Giving Back.

We provide a community for people passionate about building impactful products and a platform to give back to Nigeria in various capacities.

Our Story

We started BTNG in 2016 as individuals trying to find a common voice. The narrative is best told by the people who live it; and so as Nigerians we were determined to create a community for people interested in the Nigerian Tech Ecosystem. Starting with the UK, we realised there was no go-to community or platforms for engagement.

We decided to change this and be the first point of call for people who have a desire to innovate for Nigeria.

What started as an idea is now a vibrant community of people, driven by the use and adoption of technology for business and social impact in the Nigerian space.

The BTNG community is largely focused on entrepreneurship and giving back.

Stay up to date with what we are doing next


We have networked and engaged various types of people through our online community and offline via events.


We provide resources and platforms for entrepreneurs to share their journey and hear from others doing incredible things in the tech space.

Giving Back

We facilitate and present opportunities for those in diaspora to give back to communities in Nigeria and other African countries.

The Team

Meet the core organising team and co-founders of BTNG.